If you are looking for neat mobile game suggestions, then I recommend you to try Swordigo. This is an adventure game available for Android as well as iOS devices. In Android, this game is available for free while in iOS, you need to pay $2.99 to download. Android users will love this free adventure game.



Story of the Game

Our hero lives in Cairnwood Village. At the beginning of the game, your character has a strange dream. It feels as if something is wrong. Turns out that your master has been missing for a while now. So you go into the forest to find him only to discover that he is no longer alive. You also learn that dangerous enemies known as Corruptors are back. You must defeat those villains.

For you to be able to defeat the Corruptors, you need a powerful sword known as The Mageblade. But later it is discovered that this powerful sword has been torn to pieces. You must find the four pieces of the sword, defeat a multitude of enemies/bosses and restore balance into your world.

Basic Gameplay

Boss Battle Swordigo

This is a side scrolling game which reminds me of the classic gaming era dominated by popular side scrolling games. You control a hero character that needs to venture in a large world, fighting and beating enemies, avoiding gaps, fireballs and collecting items. Your character can perform attacks with swords and use magical powers as well. There are various kinds of swords that you can buy or collect. Different kinds of magical attacks are also available. Your character can also jump up to twice.


Using these abilities of your character, you are to roam around different places beating enemies, jumping around and taking part in boss battles. Of course enemies will be stronger that you. You are awarded experience points for successfully defeating enemies. You need to collect experience points to upgrade your character’s health, attack and magic. As you upgrade, your character will go up in level and have better attacks.

As you grow stronger, the enemies that you come across are also more powerful. Bosses become tougher to defeat. You will have to upgrade continuously to be better with attacks. You will also have to collect Soul Shards which you can use to buy weapons, potions and magic. These will help you in your journey.

Overall Remarks

This is a simple game with a simple play. You control a side-scrolling character. You use your sword and magic for attack. You can also access potions for recovery. You need to avoid gaps, jump or platforms and shake some platforms to be able to reach places. There are also portals that can transport you from one part of the map to another quickly. You also can collect hidden treasures which reward you handsomely.

Swordigo Meeting with King

This game has all the elements that a fun mobile game should have. There isn’t any annoying in-app purchases that you are required to buy, for you to complete this game easily. The only way to complete this game is to do it the old fashion way and that is by playing well. Even though it is simple, the game play is also quite fun. You might get addicted to beating the game, collecting experience points and unlocking new magic, swords and levels. Try this game in your phone and enjoy the fun.

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