Today is March 31, 2014. Today is the last day for Mochi Media. This network has been dissolved by its parent company, Shanda Games. If you have not heard about Mochi Media, it is a large flash game network which connects flash game developers, publishers and advertisers. This is a website which provided a number of flash games for GamesNepal as well.

Mochi Media
There are a ton of high quality games on that network. I was on the process of integrating Mochi Media API to get some special features to the flash games hosted here. I guess it is time to move on. Since Mochi Media will be shutting down today, this site will not be able to add new games from that network. Now, until a new gaming network with similar features arrive on the scene, we won’t have a single place to get all the good flash games.

What does it mean to GamesNepal?

No More High-Scores: One of the best publisher features of Mochi Media was its ability to add high score flash games. The high score feature of this website is also an implementation of a Mochi Media feature. Since, this network is shutting down, the high score feature will also be no longer possible to use. That means no more high score games anymore.

No More in-game Ads: Most games added from Mochi Media had in-game advertisements. The ads that you saw within games, during the loading time were all from Mochi Media. Now only a few games with ads that the publishers themselves added will display advertisements. Most flash games will no longer have pre-loading ads.

Games Will Continue to Be Available: The Mochi games hosted in this website are hosted in our own servers. So, even though Mochi Media goes down, the already added games will continue to be online in this game site.

Time to Move On

Flash was once a big hit. Now, its popularity continues in personal computers. But in mobile computing devices like tablets and cell phones, flash is not natively supported. Due to this reason, more and more games do not rely on flash anymore. Individual game apps or games using html5 are built for mobiles. Closing down of Mochi Media is one of the side effects of this. If this trend continues, flash gaming website like GamesNepal will no longer be significant. But there is still time till that happens.

Who knows what may come up in the future?