So, I have been playing GTA V addictively for two weeks now. I have completed 66% of the game and after completing a final heist mission, I have reached the ending of the game. Well, turns out this game not only has one but three separate endings that you can decide on.

GTA V Spoiler Ahead

A Little Backstory

There are three main characters in the game: Trevor, Michael and Franklin. You play as these three characters, taking turns to complete their individual missions or complete joint missions like heists. When you play as Franklin, you come across two guys who ask you to kill your friends. The first guy is Steve Haines (FIB agent) who orders you to kill Trevor Philips. The other guy is Devin Weston (Billionaire) who asks you to kill Michael. This puts you in quite a dilemma because you will have to decide which of your friends to kill and that is not an easy decision.

Always Have a Backup Save File

Always save your game progress in two different save game slots. Take turns in saving in those slots. This will allow you to have a backup of your progress if you do something undesirable and save it.

Kill Trevor or Michael or Deathwish in GTA V

Option A: Kill Trevor

This option seems like the obvious option, because between killing yourself and Michael, your mentor, you’d rather have this guy go away. Trevor is a mean and always arguing type of character. If you decide to eliminate him, Franklin sets up a meeting with Trevor and the missions “Something Sensible” begins. Franklin meets Trevor at the oil field and he has to chase Trevor after Franklin draws up a gun. In the chase, Michael calls Franklin and asks what is happening. After the chase, you end up at the oil field again where Michael smashes into Trevor’s truck and he is on the ground covered in gas. At this point you can choose to shoot Trevor. If you take too long, Michael does it for you.

Disadvantages of Option A

Advantages of Option A

Option B: Kill Michael

When you choose this option as Franklin, the mission “The Time’s Come” begins. Franklin meets up with Michael and the suspicious Michael figures out his intension. A car chase begins which ends at the top of a tower. After a fight, Franklin pushes Michael off the edge but grabs him as this is the decision he really regretted. You can choose to let go of Michael. If you don’t Michael will head-butt Franklin and fall down. Michael will die after he hits the ground.

Disadvantages of Option B

Advantages of Option B

Option C: Deathwish

This is the best option to go for. You can keep all three characters even after the game ends. I thought this option will end up in Franklin being dead but it doesn’t happen. When you go for this choice, Franklin turns to Lester for help. Lester comes up with a great plan. Franklin, Michael and Trevor join hands and fight FIB and Merryweather. All their enemies are killed at the end. Steve Heines, Harold Joseph and Wei Cheng are eliminated by Trevor, Michael and Franklin respectively. Trevor also kidnaps Devin Weston and puts him in the trunk of his car. Michael, Franklin and Trevor push the car off a cliff which causes an explosion killing Devin. This is the best option to choose.

Advantages of Option C

Disadvantages of Option C

So the Decision?

Go for Option C. You get to keep all three characters and you won’t have to be a heartless guy who has to decide on killing off his friends. After that buy all the properties in Los Santos, do side missions and switch between three characters at any time, with ease.