The internet is filled with stuffs of all types. Every once in a while, one of that stuff goes viral and everyone in the world is trying, viewing, downloading or playing that stuff. These internet phenomenon have come a long way in different forms. You may have heard about videos like Star Wars kid, Gangnam Style and Harlem shake. You may also have seen a lot of rage comics and cat pictures. The internet is filled with those.

The latest phenomenon on the internet comes in the form of a mobile game. The game is none other than Flappy Bird. If you are here, I am sure that you have heard about this game and even tried it out. This game Flappy Bird was developed by a Vietnamese developer called Dong Nguyen. He developed this game as a hobby.

About the Game

This game is not comparable to those top-notch mobile games with high end graphics. This is just a simple game with simple graphics. All you get to control is a bird who must fly through the pipes without hitting anything. You tap on your mobile screen to make the bird flap and go up, when you don’t flap, the bird tends to fall down. You need to use this upward and downward motion of flappy bird to make it go across the pipes.

Some may even say that some elements like the pipes in this game are very similar to those that we see in Mario Games. Others may argue that the game is quite similar to a helicopter game that requires you to click to fly up. According to some people, this game might not be 100% original but it was able to get the attention of millions of people around the world. I even saw my friends who never play mobile games, try to play this game.

The thing about this game is that it is not very easy. You get 1 point for every pair of pipes that you cross. But scoring even 1 point for first timers is very difficult. It takes a lot of practice and luck to go through a bunch of pipes. By far, my best score has been 4. The game seems to be utterly frustrating but it is because of its frustrating nature, that this game became addictive. Millions of people tried to beat a certain score record and they spend countless hours of their lives playing this game. Much to the frustration of these people, they talked about this game and that is how this game got even bigger.

Popularity and Take Down

Flappy Bird Game Over
After this game received all the attention, the developer was making tons of money. Tech websites were reporting that the developer was making an estimated $50K a day from the advertisements of this game. But turns out, our game developer was not that interested in generating such a large amount for a long time. He got so much unwanted attention and hate messages that Dong Nguyen decided to take down this game.

He gave a 22-hour notice using his Twitter account to inform everyone that he was taking the game offline from the Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. Some people called it a bluff. But he did go through with his word, and in 22 hours the game was removed from the two popular mobile app stores.


After the game was taken down, there were numerous clones of this game that showed up everywhere. There have been efforts to crack down and remove such clones but it will take longer. Maybe after the hype of this game dies down, the clones will also disappear.

Our developer Dong Nguyen is probably still making a high income because even though the game has been removed from the app stores, people still have it installed in their phones from before. Only new people are unable to download it officially. There are various other alternative places to download this game but not everyone is aware of these options.

What the popularity of a game like Flappy Bird shows is that games do not always have to be top-notch in graphics. Of course, there are always people who always complain about small graphical glitches. But no one knows what everyone wants. A simple game like Flappy Bird can take over the world for a short period of time. The talk about this game will die down within a few months. But this game has shown how an irritating stupid game can still be really big.