In this game, you begin as a lone driver who just enters the world of street racing. This world is a tough one filled with splendid cars, talented racers, and highly professional mechanics. At first, you need the money and luckily an anonymous donator gives you the seed fund to purchase your streetcar. With this initial budget, you purchase a simple car. From here your racing journey begins.


1. Basic GamePlay
2. Cars, Upgrades, and Customizations
3. Gas, Cash and Gold Coins
4. Tiers and Racing Types
5. Achievements, Levels and Agent Deals
6. Multiplayer Racing
7. Cheats
8. Conclusion

Basic GamePlay

You purchase cars, upgrade them, customize them and take them to races. There are various types of races with various functions. You will require gas for races while races make you win some in-game cash. The cash is used to buy more cars and upgrade their parts. The races are quite simple. You do not have to navigate through a track and take turns with your steering. Since this is a drag-racing game, you just race through a straight empty road for 1/4 or 1/2 of a mile. You will have one other driver challenging you in a short race.

While participating in a race, you will wait for the go sign. Make sure that you start your car with the RPM arrow at the right place. Switch gears at the optimum time as well. Being a master of switching gears and starting perfectly will make you a champion in this game. There is nothing else that you need to do. You will also have a higher chance of winning if you perform a few tweaks on your car before the race.

Race End Summary

After a race ends you get awarded based on your performance like perfect shifts, good shifts, perfect start, decal bonus and winning bonus. They are all added up as cash and collected for you. Level points are also collected after a race which takes you to higher levels.

Cars, Upgrades, and Customization

Cars from popular manufacturers are available. The manufacturers are: Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Pagani, and SRT. All the manufacturers have their own list of cars available for your purchase. Cars can be purchased either with in-game cash or in-game gold coins. Some cars specifically require gold, some require cash while there are those which can be purchased with both.

Upgrades can be applied to cars that you own. Upgrades will improve the overall performance and horsepower of your car. Available upgrades you can perform on your cars are Engine, Turbo, Intake, Nitrous, Body, Tires and Gear Box upgrades. All these upgrades have their own functions. In the case of Nitro, you get to use the upgrade as soon as you install a Level 1 nitro. You do not have to purchase it, again and again, to be able to use it in the races. One installation is enough unless you want a better performing Nitro upgrade. Upgrades can be done for these individual ones from level 1 to level 5. After you reach level 3 of upgrades, to do a level 4 upgrade you must import the item which requires time. So waiting is required to reach level 4 and level 5 upgrade. But you can always pay in gold to ease the pain of waiting.

Customizations can be done on the cars that you own. You can put paints on your car and give it a bit of style. You can also change the number plate to say anything you like. Remember that streetcars are meant to look stylish. Customization of paint jobs is highly recommended because after a race ends, you get decal bonuses based on those customizations. You actually make more cash from races if you have stylish customization. Choose the customization that pays the highest amount. Do not hesitate to perform paint jobs in your cars as they pay for themselves after a few races.

Gas, Cash and Gold Coins

The in-game currency features gas, cash and coins. Gas is vital for participating in races. Depending upon the length of the race, you will be using a certain amount of gas. 1/4 mile race costs 1 gas and 1/2 mile race costs 2 gas. You will have 10 lines of gas in your fuel tank. If you run out of gas, you can always purchase more with gold coins. But you can always wait out until the gas meter is automatically refilled.

Cash is something you win from participating in various types of races. As you move higher up in tiers and participate in more difficult races, you get to win more cash. Cash is necessary for upgrades and purchasing of cars. Surprisingly, cash cannot be used to purchase gas.

Gold coins are another form of in-game currency. They are more valuable than cash and more hard to come by. You win gold by moving up in levels. One level up means one coin. If you beat the tier boss three times, you get awarded 2 coins. Gold coins can be used to purchase gas, cars or speed up upgrades and car delivery times.

Tiers and Racing Types

Tiers are like stages. You complete one tier and move to the next one. There are five racing tiers: Tier 1 to Tier 5. You have guessed it right as you start from the lowest tier. Your car also has tiers from 1 to 5. You get to compete in a tier with the car matching that certain tier. This tier and car tier matching rule does not apply to Regulation Races.

Tier 5 Crew

Each tier has a single boss and four crew members. You must beat all the crew members, then the boss three times to complete a tier and move on to the next one. The tier bosses that you have to beat respectively from tier 1 to 5 are Papa Biz, Yoshiro, Aleida, Carlito, and Errol. They all have four crew members each. It is always fun to read how the tier bosses react when you beat them or their crew members. When you move up from one tier to another, the bosses talk to each other as well.

Also note that when you beat the boss for the third time, the boss will offer you one and only one chance to win his car for the two coins that you just got awarded. You can accept the challenge but it will be really tough to beat the boss as his upgrades will be maxed out. Sometimes you are better off with those two coins then trying to win the boss car.

There are several types of races in a single tier. They are Restriction, Ladder, Regulation, Car Specific, Daily Battle and Crew Battle races. These are the different races that you can participate in. A brief explanation of the races are given below:

Tier Racing

Restriction: A type of race where certain restrictions apply. For example, you can only race without using tire upgrades or nitro.
Ladder: A type of race that allows you to earn some money. As you win, the races become more challenging but luckily you can upgrade your car with the money earned.
Regulation: Races designed to make you earn some hard cash. You have the option of choosing the difficulty of the races as Rookie, Amateur, and Pro. Rookie races pay out the least while Pro races pay out the most.
Car Specific: Like the name says, car specific races allow you to participate in races with a certain make of a car.
Daily Battles: These battles are races with different amazing cars that you get to try out. You can participate in three such races in a day. This is a quick way to earn some easy cash.
Crew Battle: This is the most important type of race. You will have to race against crew members of racing tiers. As you beat them, tougher members are available for challenging. After beating four crew members of a certain tier, you will get to face the crew leader. You must beat the crew leader three times to move to the next tier. The next race is much tougher and challenging than the previous one. You might need to work on your car a bit and apply some upgrades before actually trying the next tier race.

Note: Not all types of above-mentioned races are available in all tiers.

Achievements, Levels and Agent Deals

Agent Deal
The game features achievements and levels for added fun. With achievements, you have to perform certain tasks like completing all of the events of a single tier. Levels just go up as you participate in races and as you perform upgrades on your car. When up climb up a level, you get rewarded with a coin.

Your agent will sometimes provide you with deals in-between races. These deals provide discounts like up to 50% on car purchases. These deals come again and again so you do not have to worry. You might not always have the necessary in-game currency required to complete a deal. Just skip out that deal. May be you can grab another deal when it is offered.

Multiplayer Racing

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer racing was not always available in CSR racing. It was highly demanded and recently this feature was added into the game. You will require some cash to participate in multiplayer racing mode. Once you join in, you will get a chance to race against 6 other drivers. You choose them one by one and if you beat them you get a return on your cash. You also get respect points. As you beat opponents in streaks, you get to win cards. One card is awarded when you beat four opponents in a row, two cards for beating five opponents in a row and three cards for beating all six opponents.

Those cards can be used to unlock items such as new cars and gold coins. They are really useful so try and win all those races. As you play and win more and more multiplayer races, you are ranked in worldwide leaderboards. At the end of the leaderboard resetting period, you get awarded certain things such as cars based on your ranking.


I personally do not support the use of cheats. There are no direct in-game cheats that I am aware of. But I am aware of the gas cheat, hack or whatever you may call it. You can advance the time on your phone or tablet. Move the time forward to two hours using the time and date settings. See the gas get filled instantly. The purpose of waiting for hours will not be required. But remember the next time you want the gas to fill up, your phone has to reach that certain period of time up to which gas has been refilled.


CSR Racing is a great game for car enthusiasts. You will get to drive some of the most powerful cars that you’ve heard of. But this game does require a lot of time invested in racing and such in order to buy new cars or process upgrades. You will find yourself participating in the same regulation races again and again to make some cash. This does get a bit monotonous. But if you are a great racer you will do good. For the rich, there is always an option to buy coins and cash to skip the otherwise useless races. Gas is also a big problem and you will find waiting for hours if you get really addicted to the game. Hours’ worth of gas can quickly deplete within a few minutes and you will have to test your patience again.

Winning a Race

But overall this is a great game with some great vehicles featured. I am sure that people will enjoy this game as they get used to the mechanics and how the game works. This game is simple enough for everyone. Beware as this game can get addictive. It is filled with unlockables and gas limitations simply stop you from unlocking them. Enjoy drag-racing.