Counter Strike is a first person shooter game which was developed as a modification of another game: Half-Life. This modification got largely popular attracting millions of players who enjoyed the multiplayer action of this game online. There are several version of this game released to date. CounterStrike 1.6 is an early version of this game released in 2003 which is still being played to date. There are several servers which host this game attracting players from all over the world.

Counter Strike in Nepal

In Nepal as well, counterstrike is very popular. It can also be claimed as the number 1 popular online multiplayer game here. People play it online, play it over LAN at game stations, cyber cafes, colleges and in homes. There are also different Nepali counterstrike servers hosted in Nepal. This has allowed Nepali Counter Strike Players to enjoy the action without a laggy gameplay.

The Counter Strike servers hosted in Nepal are:


MyKtm Counter Strike Severs [ also styled as -=[mYktm]=- .::Counter Strike::. ]

Hosts: Counter Strike 1.6 started as a Nepali phpbb forum and now it has evolved into a Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) gaming platform. With more than one hundred players online at most times, this has to be the most popular 24/7 Counter Strike server from Nepal. There are five different servers hosted by Myktm.

The list of server:port to play counter strike 1.6 by myktm are as follows:

Server Name
-=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 PUB I::.
-=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 PUB II::.
-=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 PUB III::.
-=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 CSDM::.
-=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 LukaMari::.
mYktm CS 1.6 Clan Server

GameTracker Server Banners:

Myktm CS 1.6 PUB I GameTracker
Myktm CS 1.6 PUB II GameTracker


Myktm CS 1.6 PUB III GameTracker
Myktm CS 1.6 CSDM GameTracker


Myktm CS 1.6 Lukamari GameTracker
mYktm CS 1.6 Clan Server GameTracker

There seems to be two facebook groups dedicated towards MyKtm. Click on them to view and possibly join them:

-=[mYktm]=- .::Counter Strike::.
-=[mYktm]=- .::Counter Strike::.[Secondary Group]

There is also a facebook page dedicated towards updating fans: MYktm Counter Strike (Online Game Play). This page updates users about counter strike, different gaming events in Nepal and other interesting gaming related infos.

You can like this page here:

If you are looking to play counter strike 1.6 in Nepal, this is the server best suited for your choice.



Hosts: Counter Strike Source

I have said before that there are different versions of counterstrike. Counter Strike Source (CS:S) is a complete remake of Counter Strike with better graphics. MySoulSource is the only counter strike source server in Nepal. Usually popular for an evening gaming, the players here continue fragging in-game till late nights.

To play counter strike source in Nepal, this is the ideal server for you. The server:port that you will need to play is as follows:

Server Name
MySoulSource Public Server 01

GameTracker Server Banner:

MySoulSource Gametracker


An active facebook group is there for this. You can easily join if you are interested. The groups is:


Enjoy Counter Strike Source by MySoulSource, Nepal.

If there are any other Counter Strike servers in Nepal, please let me know through the comments so that I can add them here.