CSR Racing: Best Racing with Multiplayer – Full Information

In this game, you begin as a lone driver who just enters the world of street racing. This world is a tough one filled with splendid cars, talented racers, and highly professional mechanics. At first, you need the money and luckily an anonymous donator gives you the seed fund to purchase your streetcar. With this […]

Kill Trevor or Michael or Deathwish in GTA V

So, I have been playing GTA V addictively for two weeks now. I have completed 66% of the game and after completing a final heist mission, I have reached the ending of the game. Well, turns out this game not only has one but three separate endings that you can decide on. A Little Backstory […]

Swordigo: Fun Adventure Game for Android and iOS

If you are looking for neat mobile game suggestions, then I recommend you to try Swordigo. This is an adventure game available for Android as well as iOS devices. In Android, this game is available for free while in iOS, you need to pay $2.99 to download. Android users will love this free adventure game. […]

Flappy Bird: A Stupid Game That Became Notoriously Popular

The internet is filled with stuffs of all types. Every once in a while, one of that stuff goes viral and everyone in the world is trying, viewing, downloading or playing that stuff. These internet phenomenon have come a long way in different forms. You may have heard about videos like Star Wars kid, Gangnam […]

Best Educational Android Games and Apps for Kids

In this age of digital era, Android devices are a great learning source for kids. Whether it is an android phone or an android tablet, kids can use it to learn a lot. With a touch screen display and some nice audio feedback, kids can learn alphabets and words, how to draw, simple maths like […]