In this age of digital era, Android devices are a great learning source for kids. Whether it is an android phone or an android tablet, kids can use it to learn a lot. With a touch screen display and some nice audio feedback, kids can learn alphabets and words, how to draw, simple maths like adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying, and many more. Android devices can be used as a great learning source.

For making kids learn from android tablets one must guide the kids to use the proper android applications. Which app to choose might be confusing. Some even cost money. But we have compiled a list of basic android apps and games that will help kids learn different things.

Here is a list of 20 great android games and apps for kids:

Alphabets and Words

Learning Alphabets and Words

  1. ABC For Kids All Alphabets Free: This app creates a fun way for kids to learn the English alphabets. Make your kids learn the alphabets from A to Z. The pronunciation sounds will help them pronounce the alphabets and the displayed alphabet will help them identify it.
  2. Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE: A free version of a paid app. This free version has a decent amount of words that will allow your kids to read and create words. The words are taught by a friendly turtle ensured to catch the attention of little children.
  3. Learn the Alphabet: Help your kid learn the alphabets in a fun way. They can learn both Uppercase and Lowercase alphabets from A to Z with the help of the ABC Song. The song is sung in a beautiful voice that kids will absolutely adore.
  4. Kids Animal ABC Alphabet sound: Human kids love animals from a really early eage. This app features animals as well as learning. You get all alphabets A to Z free with this app. Sounds will help kids to pronounce alphabets and wonderful graphics will teach children to identify them.
  5. ABC Touch Lite, let’s write!: Teach your kids how to write the english alphabets easily. This app with human sound will teach the strokes that the kids have to make to write the alphabets. Kids can drag their fingers on the tablet or phone’s screen to write the alphabets themselves.

Numbers and Maths

Learning Numbers and Maths

  1. Talking Kids Maths and Numbers: Teach your little kids some basic mathematics. With this app a friendly penguin with a nice voice will talk to you kids and teach them how to add and subtract. A quiz more is there to test your kids learning.
  2. Talking Kids Math Level 2: The level 2 version of the app mentioned above. The penguin comes back to teach some maths. Now your kids can learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Interactivity is quite fun in this math learning game.
  3. Kids Count Numbers Game (Math): With this app, your kid will learn a lot about numbers. With many mini games, kids can learn how to count, write and read. Kids will also learn how to find the larger or smaller number and to find the missing number.
  4. Learning Numbers for Kids 0-20: Start the learning of numbers for your kids as early as you can. Teach them numbers from 0 to 20. This is just a tiny app with a game that requires the right number to be pressed.
  5. Kids Numbers and Math Lite: Made specially for kids, this will teach them how to count as well as perform simple mathematical calculations. Kids can easily learn how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, match numbers and also compare them.

Drawing and Shapes

Drawing and Shapes

  1. Kids Doodle – Color & Draw: A very popular app designed for elementary school level kids. They will be able to convert their imagination to drawing on their tablets. With colorful pens and a playback mode, kids will enjoy drawing in this app.
  2. Kids Connect the Dots Lite: Kids can use this application to connect the dots of numbers and create a beautiful drawing at the end. They will be able to learn numbers while creating beautiful drawings.
  3. Kid Coloring, Kid Paint: Teach your kids how to color and paint. Kids will learn to be creative by putting on different colors on different drawings. There are more than 250 drawings to color which will keep children busy for some time.
  4. Kids Shapes (Preschool): Make your kids learn about various shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and circle. They learn it quick when they are taught in a fun way. Kids will quickly learn how to identify the shapes of real life objects.
  5. Baby Learns Shapes(kids): Another app for helping kids learn shapes. With the help of simple jigsaw puzzles and a game called clearing up the room, this app tries to teach kids about the basic shapes. See your kid develop her or his learning about shapes right in front of your eyes.

Other Apps for Kids

Other Apps for Kids

  1. Kids Zoo Animal Sounds and Photos: If your kids love animals, then get them this app. They will learn about different zoo animals and the sounds that they make. Simple tapping is enough for this app designed for kids.
  2. Memory for Kids: Make your kids have a sharp memory by installing this app for them. See their memory power develop as they turn the blocks to find matching pictures. It is simple to play as flicking on those cards will turn them.
  3. Kids Trucks: Puzzles – Let kids solve some simple puzzles so that they can learn simple problem solving skills. The puzzles are related to trucks which kids just love. Powered with nice animations and a selection of several trucks, this is the perfect truck puzzle app for your kid.
  4. Best Kids Songs: Kids love listening to songs every now and then. Give them exactly the song that they want with HD video. Kids will get a choice of songs between several kid-friendly songs and rhymes.
  5. Kids Piano Lite: Make your kids play some nice tunes on a simple piano. The piano only has 8 tones which are enough for children to play around. They can play songs listed in the app or play something on their own. You can choose the sounds of Xylophone, dogs and many more.