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Tom and Jerry Trap-O-Matic



The Tom and Jerry Trap-O-Matic game quite similar to the board game Mousetrap. Tom has to build a fun, complex and a solid trap in order to capture Jerry once and for all. You will be doing all the elaborated engineering, since you are playing Tom in this game. You start with a simple mouse trap that is used as the main lever. Then you place additional devices in the right place and finally you build a cage. All these will be used to trap Jerry in the cage.


Play in the kitchen or the living room where you will be building a complex trap to catch Jerry. This trap is used to lure the mouse out of his hole and into a cage. But it won't be easy as you will have to make everything perfect. So, use the items in the device library to build a trap. The first in-game tutorial will show how things work around.

Mouse Click and Movement


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