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Crunch Ball 3000



A really great sports game which is filled with action and some real gaming fun. Get the ball anyhow you can, from your opponent and do not worry about getting a foul because this game does not have such rules. Take the ball towards the opponents' side, running as fast as you can, pass the ball and hit the right shot to turn it into a goal.


This game is all about having control of the ball in your side. This requires you to dodge the opponents and pass as the correct time. Select your team carefully by looking at the stats.

Player 1
W: Run Up
S: Run Down
A: Run Left
D: Run Right
G: Throw or Tackle
H: Pass or Change Player
J: Change Formation
P: Pause Game

Player 2
Up Arrow: Run Up
Down Arrow: Run Down
Left Arrow: Run Left
Right Arrow: Run Right
Num 1: Throw or Tackle
Num 2: Pass or Change Player
Num 3: Change Formation


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