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Bugs Bunny Baseball



Are you interested in playing Baseball with one of our favorite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny? Then this is the correct game for you. Bugs Bunny Baseball introduces you to the world of baseball with Bugs Bunny. While Bugs Bunny is on the bat, other Looney Tunes characters join the show. You might be familiar with Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck and Taz. Hit the ball correctly, score home runs and you get to face more advanced pitchers.


You figure out pitches by how the ball flies towards you and also by the shadow of the ball. Press the right number key or click using the mouse at the right time. You must hit a particular number of home runs to progress. You will know whether you have hit a nice shot or not by the responses of the audience.

Number Keys 1 - 9: Different Swings at the Pitches
Mouse Click on Square: Different Swings at the Pitches


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