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Spongebob Squarepants Bikini Bottom Carnival



There is a carnival at bikini bottom and there are many fun games and activities to do at the carnival. SpongeBob and Patrick really wants to go to this carnival to have a good time. You have to choose either SpongeBob or Patrick in order to play. There are different mini games where you do different things in order to get points. You can play different mini games such as ring fing, deep sea sharpshooter, sundae splatter, catch'em, whack-an-eel, sea your strength, tic-tac-curacy, basket barrel and puffer pop. Up to two players can join this game.


Get ready to play some of the most fun games at an underwater carnival. These mini games are slightly modified versions of real world carnival games. The instructions to play these games individually are provided to you right when you enter the huts.

Mouse Movement and Click: Enter Carnival Huts


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