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Sponge Bob Dunces and Dragons



Spongebob has to go and save the princess who needs his help. You can save her by completing all the levels and to complete the levels you have to conquer every enemy. You can also select other characters except SpongeBob. Characters like Patrick, Squidward and Sandy are featured. What you do in this game is get on a seahorse and then fight like knights in an underwater kingdom. You have to poke your enemy with your sword to win.


Fight as a knight who will do everything that it take to save the princess. Finish a level and you will get to compete in a special tournament featuring all four hero characters. While you are playing in a normal level, you will have to pick up bonuses or else more enemies will appear. Jellyfish can be collected for ammunition which will give your character special powers.

Player 1
Left/Right/Up Arrows: Navigate
Enter: Special Powers

Player 2
S/E/F: Navigate
Spacebar: Special Power


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