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Bikini Bottom Bust Up



SpongeBob and his friends have entered in the Bikini Bottom Ka-Ra-Te championships. He now needs to fight against other participants in the ring. Beat those fighters one by one in a two rounds match. To win, you will have to attack quickly with left and right. Don't forget to dodge attacks of your opponents. There is also a special attack move which will outright give your fighter an advantage. Win all three matches to be the champion of the ring.


Fight and win against other characters of Bikini Bottom. Use attacks in such a way that opponents cannot dodge them for ever. Be quick in moving away when opponents attack. Watch out for the soak-o-meter to find out how much water SpongeBob has left. Use his special attack when the meter is full. Win all three matches in newbie mode to unlock champ mode.

S: Punch Left
D: Punch Right
S + Up Arrow: Kick Left
D + Up Arrow: Kick Right
Spacebar: Special Attack
Left/Right Arrow: Dodge


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