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Rocky Rider



Go on a ride in your awesome vehicle. The road is rocky and filled with different ups and downs. You have to manuever correctly and finish each levels safely. Remember to avoid those barriers on the way and collects stars, bonuses and other things on the way to help you. You start from Level 1: Countryside and you get to unlock each level as you finish the previous one. This game is exciting because it has got multiple paths that you can take with some nice bonuses.


Make sure that your vehicle has a maintainable speed. Collect star bonuses for score. Repair bonuses are for fixing the health of your jeep. There is also this rocket buster that can make your vehicle fly. If you collect all the letters of BONUS in a level, you get one additional life. Watch out for multiple paths, you might benefit if you take the correct one.

Up: Forward
Down: Backward
Left/Right: Tilt while Airborne
Z: Rocket Booster
Space: Jump


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