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Formula Fog



Formula Fog, a racing game with a 3D environment that features some of the best formula one cars from the industry. There are two cars that you can choose from. You drive a powerful car which can reach great speeds and your competition is also equipped with such cars. The winner will be the racer who can keep the speed of cars up to par and make turns without going off-road. See whether you can win the other formula 1 driver.


The race begins without any starting sound, so get ready to fire up the engines as soon as you enter the track. Your opponent seems to make perfect turns and that is what you have to do as well. If you go off the track, you lose great amount of speed and you might not be able to catch up with the other car. So, remember to lower the speed while making turns.

Arrow Keys: Race Formula 1 Car
Spacebar: Brakes


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