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Ferrari XV



Ferrari XV is a really fun 3D racing game presented in Adobe shockwave. You get to drive and race a Ferrari in this one. The car that you get to control is one of the finest in the world. It is a top class HiFi car that has the capability of great speed. So start up the roaring engine and once the lights turn green, go as fast as possible. There are other Ferraris that you are going to race against. Win the competition and reach the finish line first.


Ferrari XV requires you to control a great looking car with unquestionable performance. Compete in Ferrari races and live up to the challenge. Show off your driving skills and superior control as you drive with confidence. Also note: cyclone Chamber should be entered at a speed of at least 140 mph to make a jump back on to the racetrack.

Up Arrow: Speed Up
Down Arrow: Reverse
Left/Right Arrows: Make Turns
Spacebar: Slow Down


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