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Drome Dual Canyon Zone



Drome Dual Canyon Racer is a game where you race out in the canyons. The location is filled with bridges, water and sand. What happens in this race is that you get a chance to go head to head with other racers in an eight laps race. Your vehicle is advanced which is able to tear through the challenging terrain. There are three other racers who will give you the challenge. There are enhancements that you can pick up and use, one at a time to help your performance.


Race as fast as you can, completing the whole race in the fastest time possible. There are eight laps and several other racers giving you a tough challenge. The fastest car wins and there is no prize for the second place. You need to drive through checkpoints and make them turn green.

Arrow Keys: Control Car
Shift: Trigger Picked-Up Enhancements
Ctrl: Stop Car


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