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Dragon Ball Kart



Kart racing games are quite fun and we have seen a couple of those. This is a Kart racing game where you play with the Dragon Ball Z characters. There are four Dragon Ball Z characters featured who are Son Go Ku, Picollo, Mr. Satan and Vegeta. The race is a side scrolling one and so you will have some fun in that. It is like other races where you speed up and try to reach the finish line first. But there is a twist. Since there are Dragon Ball Z characters, they can use their special powers while racing. So you can stun your opponents and use some special move to slow them down and they might have different other effects. You must try to use your super moves to slow down your opponents. Use those moves when it effects most racers. Try to avoid incoming attacks as well. The racing game fun and Dragon Ball Z style powers make this a fun game.


Race on a Kart with your dragon ball characters in tiny form. You can use the power of the characters to help in the race. Use your power to slow down your opponents. Don't wait too long to execute super powers otherwise, others will and you might get stuck for a while. You do not want to be far behind in the race.

Jump: Up
Left/Right: Navigation
Spacebar: Special Power
Enter Key: Activate Collected Items


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