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3d Horse Racing



We take a break from all those car racing games and switch to something completely different in this one. Instead of high speed cars or motorbikes, you will be riding and racing in a horse in this one. There isn't much of a competition like racing your horse in a race track. But this game does have elements that makes riding your horse exciting. You will have to take your horse around the course filled with hurdles that you along with your horse should jump. There are checkpoints that you need to cross. Think of this game as a training course to some real race track horse racing.


In this horse racing and training game, the first thing that you must pay attention to is the arrow. Ride where the arrow is pointing towards. It would be confusing in this 3D game without any directional cues. Make your horse jump right on time.

Arrow Keys: Ride and Control Horse Movement
Spacebar: Make your Horse Jump


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