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Super Mario Battle



Mario and his brother are at a weird place today. The villains are the same Goombas but the environment looks somewhat like that from the game Bomberman. There are Goombas everywhere and you are given a target number to meet. Move around the place in a level and then shoot Hadouken like attacks at those enemies. Hit them and once they are entrapped in a bubble, you have to touch them to make them disappear. Up to two players can join this game.


Entrap enemies in bubbles with the help of your player's power attack. You might have to hit a single enemy multiple times. Once those enemies are in a bubble, touch them immediately to take them out. Enemies also shoot at you and you must dodge their fire. Collect special items like extra life, super power, speed increaser and gold coins.

Player 1
WSAD: Movement
Spacebar: Shoot

Player 2
Arrow Keys: Movement
Enter: Shoot


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