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Paper Mario World



Paper Mario World is a very nice remake of the game Super Mario Brothers. This one has very attractive graphics for a simple online game. The story of this game is the same as usual. Evil King Bowser has captured Mario's favorite, princess Peach. Mario must rescue her. Mario can not only jump and step on enemies, but he can even use his hammer to smash them. There are several items like power-ups, mushrooms, coins, switches and all these make this game very fun to play.


Take Mario across levels, smashing Goombas with your hammer or by stepping on them. There are mushrooms that will restore Mario's power and there are cursed mushrooms which will do him harm. You can collect coins and 10 coins will give you 3 HP. Your coin counter is indicated by the coin bar on top. Don't forget to get other elements like ? blocks, switches with surprises, speed up and jump up power-ups.

Right Arrow: Walk Right
Left Arrow: Walk Left
Up Arrow: Jump
Left or Right Arrow + Space: Use Hammer
Space: Hammer Dodge (Special Move)


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