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Marios Adventure



A nice remake of the original Mario game which is quite similar to it. Move around in mushroom land, collect coins, go inside tunnels, dodge and destroy your enemies in this Mario adventure game. The music of this game as well as the overall game play is quite fun. Levels aren't as long as in the original Mario game but they are still fun. Reaching the question mark (?) at the end of every level, takes you to a new one.


This is a short as well as fun remake of Mario in flash. You try to avoid enemies or step on them. You have to step directly on them. If you miss by a bit, you lose a life. Jump over those gaps perfectly as falling will cost you a life as well. If you need to do high jumps, crouch first and then jump. Hit the question mark to bring up a new level.

Left/Right Arrows: Movement
Down Arrow: Crouch
Spacebar: Jump


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