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Mario Town 2



Mario town was peaceful. Mario had destroyed all those villains but suddenly on one dark morning Bowser recovered his strength and he came back. He is planning to start his evil plots once again, to ruin the town. He started a factory that produces Goombas, Koopas and other villains continuously on a conveyor belt. Mario has to defeat him once again. Take Mario on a new adventure where he has to dodge everyone and complete levels, one by one. Many levels are displayed on the map which can be finished one after the other.


Dodge all enemies and do not try to step on them. You can view the intro if you want to find out the back story. To start a level, click on yellow dots on the map. Levels on the path before it should be finished to unlock a new one. There are mini games which are playable from those purple buildings.

Left/Right Arrow Keys Movement
Up Arrow: Jump


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