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Luigi Gunman



You bank has been destroyed and all coins of Mario collected over the years, have been stolen by Bowser. He is coming this way in order to capture the princess as well. Bowser is coming with an army for this. Mario is not here currently and Luigi has to defend the princess using his guns on a nearby hill. So buy your guns and destroy those enemies before they get the princess. Take out all the enemies, upgrade your weapons and defend the tower.


Buy weapons, ammos for them and special items; so that you can defend your tower. Weapons like magnums, uzi, shotgun, assault rifle and plasma assault rifle exist. Enemies come in hordes and you will have to be a quick shooter to take them down. Enemies come from both directions. If you need help, you can use items such as bombs, mines, ground and castle turrets. You can only plant six mines and four turrets at a time. If you are not playing the easy mode, your own gun shot will damage your own castle as well. Use the coins that you have wisely to repair tower, buy new weapons and ammo.

Mouse Movement: Target Enemies
Mouse Click: Fire Weapon
A: Next Weapon
Q: Previous Weapon
S: Next Item
W: Previous Item
Spacebar: Use Current Item
1-5: Choose Weapon
P: Pause Game


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