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Gangster Mario



It seems like Mario has had enough. He is done stepping on enemies to destroy them. He thinks that it does not stop them forever. The princess is always being kidnapped and he is tired of rescuing her repeatedly. He wants to stop this madness for once and for all. So, to show who is boss, Mario picks up a gun. His looks has also changed, he looks more like a gangster. Take our gangster Mario on a shooting rampage on a dark Mushroom Kingdom. Enemies like Koopas also try to shoot back.


Mario needs to aim correctly and shoot down Koopas and other enemies. Make sure to aim accurately and shoot quickly before enemies come too close. Otherwise, those Koopas will decrease your life bar. Also jump over those gaps carefully. You can pick between different characters: Mario, Luigi and Mr. T. You can also choose guns like shotgun, zap red and zap gray. Try to use a level editor if you want to design your own levels.

Up Arrow or W: Jump
Down Arrow or S: Duck
Left/Right Arrow or AD: Movement Towards Left or Right
Mouse Movement: Aim
Mouse Click: Shoot
Music: M


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