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Turbo Kids: The Cutest Little Android Game

Updated on: February 17, 2016
Turbo Kids: The Cutest Little Android Game
4 Stars Rating
Turbo Kids is a cute little running and jumping smartphone game. It offers a different kind of racing fun where you take on AI players and see who reaches the finish line first. Of course, there are different perks and powers to make the races interesting.
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Android features a lot of games. Some of them are free, some have free versions as well as paid version with more features, some are offered on a freemium basis while others are paid games.

While browsing through the Android games in the Play Store, I came across this cute little game called Turbo Kids by Droidhen. This is a crazy little race game, where you will be controlling a cute little male or female baby viking like character.

Turbo Kids Title Image
This is a side running game that means you will be running from the left to the right of the screen against several other computer players. The goal of the game is to run as fast as you can jumping over the platforms and using freeze ice bullets on your opponents so that you can reach the end of the level with the lowest position, preferably 1st.

Turbo Kids RunningThe controls of this game are quite simple. You just tap on the left side of the screen to jump and right side of the screen to fire ice bullets. The turbo buttons and other special buttons appear if you have the required energy or coins. Tapping those buttons performs special actions like running in turbo mode or moon-walking for a certain amount of time. The controls are simple to get used to and a first few games will get you accustomed to it.

There are several levels/modes that you can play. The primary levels in the games are named as seasons. The four seasons available to you are: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Game Modes
There are 15 individual stages in each of these seasons. You can complete one race and win stars on the basis of your position. If you are first you get 3 stars, if you are second or third you get 2 stars and if you are fourth or fifth you get 1 stars. You move on to the next stage and the next season as you complete the preceding one.

You also get awarded coins in the game for finishing a stage. The number of coins earned depend upon your performance in the races. Using coins you can upgrade your speed, energy, debuff time and bullet power. That means more speed, quick unfreezing when you get frozen by opponents or quick regeneration of your character when you fall off a platform, faster and more ice bullets and more energy to perform moonwalks and reach turbo speeds.

Tournament Mode
Once you complete a particular season, you unlock the Tournament mode of play. There are four different tournaments available: Regular, Relay, Timing and Chase. You unlock Regular tournament for completing Spring season, Relay for completing Summer, Timing for completing Autumn and Chase for completing Winter. You get one star for completing the objective of a single tournament.

In Regular tournament you race to complete the stage in a certain amount of time securing a certain position. The time limit decreases as you win stars making winning the next star more difficult.

In Relay you cross a required number of check points to win stars. The number of checkpoints that you need to cross increases in the later Relay games as you collect more and more stars.

In Timing, you will try to reach a certain distance in meters under a certain time. The distance that you require to cross increases with the number of stars that you earn from this.

In Chase, you have to chase and go ahead of the first racer. The time limit to catch the first racer decreases as you win more and more stars.

WitchAfter completing all the levels and such you will unlock the witch level. The witch level is like the timing tournament but a witch is chasing after you. That means you have to cross a certain distance before the witch grabs you. If the witch comes near and if you have enough coins you can purchase lightening to strike the witch and push her back. That does not stop her permanently though.

While on the run, you will also get several powerups which will improve your performance. They are (from left to right in the picture below):

In Level powers
  • Ice bullets to freeze your opponents on the run, stopping them temporarily.
  • Boost Speed which increases your running speed for a temporary amount of time.
  • High jumping power up which makes you jump really high making you cover a huge leap with the jump.
  • A teleporter bullet which teleports you to the location of the opponent that you hit with this.
  • Lay traps for your opponents which will stop them for a temporary amount of time.
Turbo and Moon Walk CombinedYou can also use other powerups if you have the ability, or the in-game energy to use them. Those other powerups are:
  • Floating walks and moonwalks which breaks your frozen status and helps you run without falling anywhere for a couple of seconds.
  • Turbo Speed to run very fast for a certain amount of time.
You can also further improve your skills with the help of stars that you earn from levels, races and tournaments. Stars are also earned by earning achievements such as freezing a certain amount of opponents, running a certain amount of cumulative distance and so on.

Stars are not that easy to come by as coins, but they do provide some useful upgrades. For example you can increase the distance or speed of your moonwalk, turbo, jump or boosted run time with the help of stars. The more upgrades you do, the more stars are required for the next upgrade. So, use stars wisely. The same goes for coins.

I had a really fun time finishing all the seasons of this game. It does take some time and also gets addicting. Upgrades become more and more expensive and it takes a long time to make coins for those required upgrades. There is an option to buy coins and stars.

This game Turbo Kids is a real fun game and I recommend it for anyone who loves gaming in cell phones. This game supports Android 2 upwards and is simple enough for children as well as adults to play. If this game had an online multiplayer option, this game would have been 100% perfect. But still its one of the best simple games I have seen in Android.

If you have not played this game, you must try it immediately. I am sure you will get hooked up with it. Enjoy !!