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QuizUp: For Online Multiplayer Trivia Lovers

Posted on January 08, 2016
QuizUp: For Online Multiplayer Trivia Lovers
4 Stars Rating
Want to participate in some challenging and brain twisting multiplayer games? Then do we have an app for you? It is called QuizUp and it's about testing your general knowledge against your friends. The competition gets intense as you battle it out to be the first one to answer correctly in multiplayer modes. The challenge of knowledge has never gotten so intense.
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The Play store with millions of apps has everything that can keep us busy for an entire lifetime. One of those apps that have been keeping me busy for the past few days is a simple Trivia app known as QuizUp. This app is not only available for Android but also for iOS (iPhone and iPad) users. This app is free and the member base is quite large, thanks to it being supported on the two most popular platforms for mobile devices.

QuizUp is a simple app that allows us to play trivia with friends as well as other players from around the globe. What you do is select a category and after the app connects you to a friend or someone else, you begin answering questions. There are seven total questions that you need to answer. You get 10 seconds to answer every question. You are given four options for every question and you have to tap on the right one. If you get it right, you get some points. The main goal of this game is to score as higher than your opponent to beat them.


quizup-round-question-sample The most exciting feature of this game is that it is a multiplayer game. This feature allows you to compete live with friends and other players. If your friends are not online, you can still challenge them, answer the questions beforehand and wait for them to play their part later.


There are tons of categories with endless questions that you can answer. Topics range from Games to Geography, History, Arts, TV shows like Friends and music artists like Eminem. The availability of these various topics will keep you busy.


In this game you have seven questions in a round. For questions 1 to 6, you are awarded a maximum of 20 points. You are given 10 seconds to answer a question and for every second lost, you lose a point. The 7th question, however, is a double point question. That means the maximum point for the last question is 40 points. To get the maximum points, you will have to be quick and tap on the right answer instantly. But being quick might make you click on the wrong answer.

The final score on a round is calculated as:
(Match Score + Finish Bonus + Victory Bonus) X Power Up Bonus = Total XP.

This is added on to your XP or experience points. The multiplication factor in this formula is "Power Up Bonus" which can be purchased as "XP Booster" from "The Store".

Round Completion

round-completionAfter you have quizzed up with someone else, you are displayed a summary of your progress. After every round, you can view the results which display how much score or XP you accumulated in that round. You are also shown your progress in leveling up. You are shown a graph with details of how you and your opponent faired with the questions. You can also review individual questions and how both players answered them. The summary is quite informative.

Leveling Up

Like every game these days, you earn XP points for completing a round. XP points are unique to each topic. That means if you earn 200 XP points in the category "General Knowledge", those points will be added to your level progress in "General Knowledge" only. After earning a certain amount of points, you climb up a level. Going up in terms of levels becomes difficult as you progress.


This game also shows competitive ranks. It displays where you stand among your friends for separate topics. You also can see the global rank and your country's rank. It is exciting to be on the top of the ranks. If you can't beat the global rankings, try at least to top your country's ranking.

Social Connecting Feature

After you play with other players, you can chat with them. You can also add them as friends so that you can reach them later. You can also connect with your friends from Facebook and Google+. Google Play Games integration is also quite intact with this app. You can also take part in discussions which acts like a mini message board within the app.


One interesting aspect of this game is that you can challenge just anyone. Find their profile and then hit on challenge to select a trivia topic for the challenge to be in. Whether they reply or not to your challenge is their option. You can also nudge them to remind them of your challenges.

Profile Features

When you join, you join using your social profiles or your email. If you join using your social profiles, your name, profile picture and cover picture is automatically imported. You can change those details from the Settings>Profile section of this app. You can also add additional details from there. This profile that you set up is displayed to other players while challenges are set up and when other people visit your profile.

Achievements and Titles

achievementsThis game also packs several achievements. Achievements are awarded based on your performance. For example if you win three games in a streak, you are awarded a certain achievement.

If you level up to a certain level in a category, you are awarded a title. You can use that particular title in your profile. For example you can change your title from "Beginner" to something like "Webtrovert".

In-app Purchases

This application features a store from where you can purchase "XP Booster". This XP Booster acts as a multiplier to your winning points. There are three types of XP Boosters: Double ($2.50), Triple ($5.00) and Quadruple ($7.50). These last for an hour and if you purchase two or more, the most powerful one will deplete first. These XP Boosters act as a rich man's way of leveling up quickly.

Overall Reaction

I discovered this app just a few days ago. I was skeptical at playing a quiz game at first. But after I found about the several gaming elements like XP, time limits, competitiveness, topics etc. integrated to the game play, I found out that this game was not a simple boring trivia app. This game already has millions of installs and active users all the time. Select a topic to play and you will be connected with someone trying to play your topic choice. It is more fun when you play against a friend sitting across you. The details displayed after the game is also quite illuminating. Leveling up, XP, achievements and ranks make this game an addicting type. So, play this quiz game if you have some time to kill and a thirst to test your knowledge skill.