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Pocket Mortys: An Absolutely Fun Rick and Morty Game

Posted on January 21, 2016
Pocket Mortys: An Absolutely Fun Rick and Morty Game
5 Stars Rating
Pocket Morty is a relatively new Android and iOS games which is quite comparable to the classic Pokémon games. It includes everything fun like collecting Mortys in the wild, growing their levels and strength, combining them, battling others using your team of Mortys to see who the boss is and side missions like completing quests and collecting items. This game takes you to the world of Rick and Morty where you will go on adventures in multiple dimensions to collect badges so that you can battle those higher Ricks from the council to get back your beloved portal gun.
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Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys starts out when our hero Rick crosses path with the Mysterious Rick. From there the adventure begins and it takes our heroes, Rick and Morty to another dimension. At first, you show Mysterious Rick who is the boss and after winning you come across the council of Ricks who happen to have your Portal Gun.

To get the gun back, you will have to battle the members of the council one by one, and to win them your Mortys need to be strong. There are 6 total council members and your aim is to defeat them all.


Mortys are available in plenty, all that you can imagine version. There are wrestlers, red t-shirt, green t-shirt, hippie, old, cat, spoon and all the other types of Mortys that you can name. Your goal is to either capture them or battle them, and then grow your own collection in terms of level and strength. You can have five Mortys in your current team and three hundred stored in the daycare center.

Collecting Wild Mortys (and Combing Them)

To win the game, you need to have powerful levelled up Mortys. Your main Morty is there but you need more of those. So collect wild ones by winning over them as mentioned above. You can level them up by using them in battles and winning to get the experience points. The closer the challenge in terms of levels of the opposing Mortys, the more experience points you get.

Combining Mortys

Your collection can be placed in the Morty Day Care center. There you can do a lot more than just depositing and withdrawing Mortys. You can combine duplicate Mortys and create more powerful ones.

For example: Combine two Scruffy Mortys and get an Unkempt Morty. Combine two Unkempt Morty and you get a powerful Hobo Morty.

Not all of them can be combined and there’s a limit set to how much evolution a type of Morty can go through. Since, you can increase the levels of other Mortys by combining them, it is highly recommended that you mainly focus in leveling up your original Morty.

The Battles

Battles can be started when one rick comes across another. They can also be fought with wild Morty’s. But first, you will have to visit dimensions using the portal. In your adventure in those dimensions, you will come across other Morty collectors, wild Mortys and another Rick of that dimension.

In battles, your Mortys go head-on against each other. Your team can have a total of up to five Mortys. Besides your main Mortys and another few special ones, each one of them are associated with Rock, Paper or Scissor. That’s right, it incorporates the classic game in the battles so rock type Morty has an upper hand over scissor type and you know the rest.

Additionally, the levels, strength and the attacks that you use also matters. Your goal is to reduce all health points and daze the Morty that you are facing.

There are different types of battles:

Versus Others

Versus Others

You will come across different characters in those multi-dimensions. If you face them and are close to them, they challenge you in a battle. It’s your team of Mortys versus theirs. If you win, you get rewards and items. You will not want to fight each and every one as avoiding them can be beneficial if you just need the badges.

Versus Council Members

This is the main battle that enables you to progress through the storyline. There are 6 council members. Once you meet the badge requirements you can face a council member.

Here’s how the requirements work

  • 1st council member: 4 badges
  • 2nd council member: 8 badges
  • 3rd council member: 12 badges
  • 4th council member: 20 badges
  • 5th council member: 30 badges
  • Final battle: 42 badges.

Defeating the council members provides you better items and you complete achievements as well.

Versus Another Rick

Versus Another Rick

Whenever you enter a new dimension, your main goal is to find, battle and win the Rick of that dimension. You may have to dodge other characters or battle against the unavoidable ones before you get a chance to go head-to-head against the Rick of that particular dimension. Once you defeat him, you will be told a cheeky dialogue and a portal that takes you back will open. You can enter the portal or you can continue finding items and challenging others in the same dimension.

Versus Wild Mortys

Versus Wild Morty

There are a lot of Mortys out there and you can collect them all, if you want. You just visit a dimension, chase a wild Morty and battle against it. Once it is weak enough (less than half health), you can use the Morty Manipulator Chip to make it yours. If you have empty slots, it joins you otherwise it is sent to the day care center. You can only run away from this type of battle.

Quests and Items

These are side missions that you can do. In every dimension, you will come across several items like circuit boards, batteries, fleeb etc. Back home, you also come across different characters who will ask you for a certain item or for solving their certain problem which is usually solved when you give them a required item.

You will have to combine two or three correct items in the crafting stations to get these higher-tier items. Give them to the ones that ask for you and you complete quests and get different useful items. Remember the in-game currency is shmeckles which can be used to purchase health potions and what not.

There are also items that comes to your use, like the Mr. Meeseeks box which, if used, dazes an opponent Morty instantly. There are several items that benefit you directly.

Final Words

This game, “Pocket Mortys” is quite an addictive game that wakes up our internal collector. The game is quite addictive and somewhat different than the usual smartphone games out there. After a few plays, it is guaranteed that you will involve yourself in the multi-dimensional world of Rick and Morty. You are presented with a unique dimension with a different layout every time you enter through the portal. Although, it does seem like items are sorted in a logical order. However, it is fun to discover, dodge and pull through one dimension to another, battle one council member to the final one, and finally go on the endless journey of collecting all the known Mortys.

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