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When do we get to unlock a Barbarian King in Clash of Clans?

Updated on: February 17, 2016

We get to unlock a Barbarian King in Clash of Clans once we build an altar for him. To build one, the following requirements should be met:

  • Town hall level should be 7.
  • The total amount of dark elixir is 10,000.

To train the barbarian king for the first time, it doesn't take any time. Just build a barbarian king altar and you have this strong and immortal unit guarding your base. This powerful unit can also be taken into battles.

Barbarian King

He is huge and performs a large amount of damage to any enemy units. Just like for barbarians, this unit has no preference while attacking enemy units. Basically, it is just a huge barbarian with a strong hit point.

This hero unit is also immortal. Once this hero falls or gets injured while attacking or defending, he has to sleep it off. The amount of sleep time depends upon the amount of HP he loses from enemy attacks. Once the barbarian king regenerates, he is ready to attack other bases and he actively defends the home base. While defending, this unit has a certain area that it covers and it doesn’t go beyond that area.

The barbarian king can also be upgraded to make him stronger. Large amounts of dark elixir is required for the upgrade and the upgrade—unlike the first training—requires a number of days to complete. The highest level that this unit can be upgraded to is level 40. When the barbarian king reaches level 5, he gets an ability known as the Iron Fist. This special power when unleashed in the battlefield will create a healing field around him and it also summons barbarians to fight alongside the king.

Overall, the barbarian king is a strong unit but he is slow and attacks only one enemy unit at a time. In an attack, this unit performs well when grouped with archers and barbarians. So, unlock this troop when the town hall level is 7 and get an immortal hero forever.