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5 Ways to Get Banned in Clash of Clans

Posted on January 13, 2016

There are different ways to get your Clash of Clans account and base banned. Well, this is not a how to get your base banned for life tutorial, but more of an informative post to keep your account safe and usable because that is what you normally want. Some people might really want their base to be banned because they are so addicted to the game and getting a permanent ban seems to be the only way out. For most of us, this list is how you keep your Clash of Clans account safe.

When you play Clash of Clans, you agree to Supercell’s terms of service which are long and it defines the reasons and conditions under which you get banned. It’s the general rules that every player must follow. If you don’t, your account is in trouble. The banning might last for a few days if the offense is not so big. But if you do something that is super illegal in terms of their TOS or if you repeat your mistake intentionally again and again, your account is gone for life.

Banned in Clash of Clans

1. Using Mods and Hacks to Run Bases and Get Gems

This is a very serious offence. Supercell wants YOU to be playing the game and not a bot. There are different mods and tools that play it for you. You can set all the activities and schedule them. The game will play for itself with the help of the hack. It may sound like a sweet deal to get a base, and build it in the recommended way without having to do much. People do it to develop multiple bases and probably sell them (which is also not allowed).

Similarly, if you get gems from unofficial sources by completing offers then you are in trouble. You ought to be getting the gems in the game itself purchasing the official in-app currency. There may be strange ways that people will offer you gems. It is a life ban and there is no way around it to get your original base back.

2. Global Chat Spamming and Offensive Words

Using offensive words in global chat is a no-no. If you happen to type in rude or vulgar words in the always active global chat, then there will be a swift action taken against you. You will face a ban quickly—within 2 minutes. The same goes if you spam the global chat with websites like those promising free gems or others, or you continue to spam your clan then it is not treated with kindness.

There are people who are kept on watch to keep the global chat safe for everyone. Users can also report you easily. If you happen to do it and if it is your first offense, you might not be able to access your account for certain days. Repeat this behavior and you are permanently gone from the game.

3. Vulgar Base Design

If you align the walls and other buildings in your base to make them look vulgar then you’re in deep trouble. The base design should not mock NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. It needs to be reported by others though because there are so many ever-changing bases out there and the responsible people cannot check each and every design regularly.

After reporting and finding your base design offensive, the official team will generally issue a 2 day ban but if you refuse to change your design to something normal and if you continue your usual base setup trend, your ban period is extended to be even longer. Annoy them continuously and you are gone forever.

4. Clan Description

If the clan that you create or edit has descriptions that contain vulgar words or swear words, you are against the rules. It is advisable to keep your base description safe for work. Otherwise if someone reports your base then the person who maintains or edited the description is banned. Reporting is quite common when your clan goes into war with others and they find those offensive words used to describe your clan. So, stay away from it.

5. Multiple Accounts on One Device

I think many people do it. They have multiple bases set up using multiple Google accounts in the same Android or iOS phone or device. They even join the same clan and donate troops to their second bases. But it is not something that is allowed in the terms. It’s illegal to have two or more than two accounts/bases on a single device.

So, if this activity is detected by the Clash of Clans people, they will ban your account. You might get the extra base banned or both your bases might be banned for life. Talk to them nicely and they might release one of the bases for you to continue on. However, it should be noted that one person can have two accounts and bases as long as they are on separate smart phones or tablets. The rule is kind of complicated.