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Ben 10 Fuel Duel



In this game, Ben 10 with help from Gwen has to collect some green balls and defuse some bombs. There are several objectives in each level. In order to complete a level you'll have to disarm bombs, collect Omnitrix powers and reach the exit point where you will be turning off power valves. When the Omnitrix is charged, Ben 10 can transform into an alien. Gwen will be following Ben 10 and she will be a lot of help.


Ben 10 and Gwen must save the day by defusing bombs. There are several bombs in one level. Reach them all to turn them off. Omnitrix power will help Ben turn into an alien (Echo). Press space to shout near green lights. If you take Gwen to pink lights she will help you. Once you are done with the bombs, you will have to reach the end point and turn off the power valve.

Arrow Keys: Movement Around Levels
Spacebar: Convert into Alien/Shout


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