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One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.5



One of the greatest fighting games ever built in flash, this game is titled One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.5 . Ranging from a selection of several fighters to the several fighting moves that they all have uniquely, this game has all it takes to be a great fighting game. Also several modes of play available which includes single player, VS CPU, and VS Player. Try out several characters who have their own set of moves and super moves.


Select three characters and begin the fight. They seem to have different moves which you can use to beat the other fighter. You play in teams of three just like in those classic king of fighters games.

Player 1 Controls
WSAD: Up/Down/Left/Right
K: Jump
UJOIL: Attacking Moves
Player 2 Controls
Arrow Keys: Up/Down/Left/Right
Numpad 2: Jump
Numpad 13456: Attacking Moves


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