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Flappy Bird Forest Adventure



Flappy Bird, the annoying game is back in a whole new set of adventures. This time, our bird is taking its adventures through a forest. This game introduces Flappy Bird to different levels instead of one continuous gameplay. There are 24 levels for you to finish, so that is going to take a while. The bird can fly in either directions and this has removed a lot of frustrations. At the end of each level, you have to reach a portal like thing. You will get stars based on how you perform. Try to get three stars in all the levels.


This Flappy Bird game is quite easy when compared to the original one. Just fly left or right. Crashing is not a problem; you just have to reach your goal anyhow. Sometimes you might even have to fly upwards. Finish in the least amount of flaps possible to get three stars.

Z: Fly Left
X: Fly Right


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